L.OR.D. was formed in '94 under "Metal Maniacs" by Jonny Hansen and Knut Eltvik on bass/drums and guitars.  Some weeks went, we could finally invite friends to listen to us, as we had no good equipment. In early '95, Lasse Mørkhagen joined as guitarist, he had lots of ideas and inspiration. Morten Eltvik stepped in on the bassguitar. Øyvin Hagen joined on vocals. The band changed into a norwegian lyric based highschool band. A new name came up, "Blå Resept". We made several songs and played and played. Lasse wanted to go to U.S. with a highschool over there, and we was reorganizing some songs and stuffs, but we kept on playing and playing.

After a looong time with this, we decided to put on other music styles. In late '97 there were lots of changes in our style, and put 2 years of more or less inactivity. First of all, Morten on bass had to go to the Norwegian Airforce for his one-year obligatory military service from '97 to '98, after him being completed with this service, Knut and Øyvin had to go along..., until '99  we started again. Till then we had Morten and Øyvin on vocals depending which was gone or present.

We had moved on from rock'n'roll to heavymetal and the techniques has been different from the other songs. We got too many songs with rock'n'roll. But to few with heavymetal. In 2000 we changed it out, and we had two really heavymetal songs that we wanted to keep, and more songs were coming. Then we changed the name to L.O.R.D.. Håvard Todal was now singing. Knut started his own song projects in 2000, which will be included.

In 2001 we entered studio for first time, and made a demo-cd called "L.O.R.D. - Demons World".
Cover design by Maria E. Prestø. Logo design by Gawron Mystic.

New songs on way after this recording. But in period from 2003-2005 we had a really long break, since we decided to start our own takes, and we have spend all the time since then   to record our old songs from 1995 - 2001. We are still keeping on with this project. We've called in
"Smult - Fordi det er Fett".  
Periods from spring'04 until now, we have spend time finding a new homeplace for homebased studio and Knut has been moving, married and making the homestudio in his basement. Now we hope to get more time to make new songs!

2007 *-* After all, Jonny has discontiued the playing for a while, due to a working accident with his hand. That happened in 2007, I think, but he hasn't stopped playing. Instead, Morten and Knut started a cover band project with a friend, Petter. We do play alot songs from Helloween, Stratovarius, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, even Metallica... And we even made some songs ourselves. More about this in the project page.

     This democd was recorded in 
    Panzer Studio Oslo, july 2001. 
Engineered, supervised and mixed by Bjørn.
1. Demons World

2. Lost in Time

3. Forget

4. Legends Of the Red Dragon

5. Priest