2007 - started a new project, unnamed, though, only Knut, Morten and another friend Petter, 
started playing cover songs. Belowlisted songs covered by us.
Since we do not have (yet) engaged any drummers, keyboard  players or singers, we have only used Guitarpro files, converted to MIDI files, 
imported into a multitrack sequenser, and put on VSTi samples on the MIDI sounds and drums, and removed bass and guitars... Those GP-files are available on lots of sites, just google for those.
Helloween Gamma Ray Rhapsody
(of Fire)
Stratovarius Hammerfall Iron Maiden OWN SONGS Metallica
Heavy Metal Lust for Life Emerald Sword Visions Headning the Call Phantom of the Opera Doom ][ - Suburbian Orion
I'm Alive  
Twilight of the Gods Troopers   ...And Justice For All...
Future World Raise the Hammer  
Halloween Legions Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner   One
Eagle Fly Free  
Dr. Stein Reign of the Hammer   To Live Is To Die
I Want Out 7th. Son  
Keeper of the 7 Keys   Nothing Else Matters
More songs to come later.
We are also in need for a drummer, a keyboard player, and a singer. If you know anyone, pls tell us.