Interview with Monster Records Directors, Drake and Blake.

This is the Red Dragon! He's still alive. He has a brother, still alive too. As you see, they are two, the two twin dragons.Thy do a little magic, as you see. Last time humans saw these two dragons, there were many warriors, from all over the world. These two twindragons was not dangerous at all, thy was still youths. Now they are old. The last ones in the world.
We have them both, next to eachother, lets make a talk with them, Drake and Blake..

Blake tells:
"Yes, that's right. Last time we saw people, there were only warriors. They wanted to kill us, take over heads. Help us, what have we done!?!? We didn't kill any humans!? We're living faaaaar away from the mankind. Deep in the 'Forest of Damned', that's what the human call our forest. Well, maybe we could tell you all a little story from that time...?"
Drake moves his hand on the glass.

Well, now you should learn the truth!

... "Once upon a time ... many houndreds years ago. There was a piecefull earth, full of different mankinds. Mankinds from every places on this planet, mankinds living at every surfaces, like water, sand, snow, mountains. They are from all styles, colours and look. All women, men and children. They're using horses as transportation, some other are using camels, lions, tigers, but there is few that can handle the mammuts.
They're only humans, so... they have to fight sometimes. Stupid people. They should be wise enough not to make wars. Once, human and dragons lived peacefully side by side, they were also riding dragons. The dragons have always been the
wisest creatures on the earth. Even kings, advisers and oracles came to us with lots of questions and thoughts. There were many of us, the dragons. As usual, there were accidents, such as when the young dragons should learn to breath fire or ice,
it came out through the other end... Well, we are really powerful, but we don't like to imaginate it. After years and timezones,
it became too many humans and dragons side by side. One or two dragons remained in the villages, just for protection if there
should be something, like a big fight or earthquake or other natural disasters. We could carry about 50 humans with us,
the strongest one could really carry 100 humans. I remember him. He was too big and too strong, all other dragons feared him. Well, he was about 900 years old when he died by age.He got his own place in the sky, with his own stars..."
- While he consentrate with his glass sa'angreal, he shows up a holographic picture in front of him, on the wall -

"As you see here, this is my father, when he was young. In humanage, he was about 100 years. In dragonage, he was 15 dragonyears. He was still unexperienced, but ... he tried to date the girls, you see. Not with too good luck, but he got lots of friends. He was a very good father, he teached me all I could learn, all fram walking to the most complicated magic. Some of us could really control the weather. They could bring storms and hurricanes, but ... I could only make some few rainclouds. I was strong enough with other things. I was good with magics, while my brother was a strong flyer, I could heal both human and dragons with my magic. Could make things be unvisible. But of course, we are wise, we wouldn't throw away our magic power just for fun! Sometime, we did that when we were young, just to impress the females. I can tell you that our dragonheart is really magic.I could also tell you about my twinbrother... since he's sitting next to me!"
"Hi, I'm Blake! How are you doing? I'm fine, though I'm very bored. It's just me and Drake again in this world... I'm afraid. What if we die soon, because the humans are making this earth sick? We could be sick of cancer as you are polluting the air, sea and ground! Well, I have always been the one that's not positive to our lifes.
Well, as you see in this pictures, it's me. I flied to unknown hights for 500 humanyears ago. I hoped no human did see me. I'm alittle embarrised by flying too high. I flied almost where there's no air to breath. Then I let myself fell down, down to where I had some airpressure to glide. Well, it was a cold adventure. I miss my dad, so I tried to visit him. But he's too far away with his stars. When the humans are available to fly to other stars, I would gladely join them! In a way, dragons and humans are very equal. Also dragons have deep feelings, hobbies, love and anger, all the properties that a human got."

Drake and Blake lies on the floor, with their blanket over themselves, in the middle of the norwegian winter. They tell us to wait for the next story after a little nap. They have flown very long just to talk to us. :-) I think that is great!

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