- Drake and Blake wake up, and ready to tell us about the dragons fall. After making some coffee, they were ready -

Drake tells us further: "After these timezones and houndreds of years living side by side in peace, someone made up some rumours and stories about us, the dragons. Some of them believed that we could give another man life after death when
he died, (that's true - of course, but noone need to know this), and they started buying us, selling us to rich men, kings, etc
so the power could have eternal life. But the Dragons Inner Circle decided to not continue this, so they all flew away into
freedom in the deep forests. Of course, and the human became more and more evil. Some dragons went into some alliance with the humans. They were close friends, though, the most peacefull dragons, also the wisest. Many other dragons made war also with eachother and with humans because of their opinions. Dragons fought side by side, and against eachother, excactly as the human fought for themselves. Many warriors and dragons were killed. As time passed, mankind didn't find any dragons, and hoped for a peaceful time, as kings and advicers still sent out the knights to search for dragon tracks. We were, of course, hidden in the deep forests. Most of the knights did never return to their castles... well, sorry, we fried'em. Well, since their journey were just to kill us, they didn't deserve any better than being fried."

"After the wars, the mankinds had competitions, such as knights tournaments (fights, picking up dragon ears...). So we made up "new" dragonears, or when we found dead dragons, we removed thy ears, so we could "give" (the illegal way) the ears to the knights of the tournaments. As usually, we fried them when they tried to fight us. We didn't have that much to eat, we are not good using our hands to do farming." - As Drake eats some bread, cheese and dry meat, together with wine, Blake tells us as they are living today, how they could live with the humans, what they are doing.

"Hi folks. How are you!? Well, let me tell you.
We love to fly, like you see. And we don't hate humans. As you see, this is one of the few pictures that is taken. We don't have any permanent adresses. We just like to be free...
In the winters, we fly southwards. We have lots of friends all over the earth. I think the most of people just think we are legends, written down for tales and all. Of course, we have writers that writes down our stories, and our older generations. We tell them all that we know about ourselves. Of course, we are staying far away from humans in the summers, when they are travelling all over the earth. We don't hide us, just stays on areas with no human. But we are very often visiting our friends. Children loves to sit on our back and fly with us. I think that's every childs dream. In populated areas we are visiting, the normal hidingplaces are in the farms. There are place for us there. I would never enter a house and mess it totally up. We are also listening to music, almost every musicstyle. They are so different from the past. As for food, there are several trees and grass, but it's not enough. Sometimes, we catch some cats. Or we dive into the water and catch some fishes. Our way of living is like the past, almost ... Now, we have to watch out so we don't collide with the aircrafts - we haven't yet ... If we ever get over populated cities, and some people have seen us, Drake make us invisible. We don't want to make such a chaos just because we are living. We want to be in peace. We love you all."

Drake tells us further - "So, now you all should know about us. But if you want to learn more about us, just buy a dragon book in the book stores, or search for us on the internet. We will always be in your dreams!"


Drake & Blake